St Johns Southgate Bach Foundation Inc is an incorporated not-for-profit association registered on July 1, 2011, through Consumer Affairs Victoria.

Its purpose is to encourage and support the performance of the cantatas and choral music of JS Bach within a liturgical context at St Johns Southgate, and to maintain a Gift Fund for its purposes. The support of liturgical Bach cantata performance includes:

  • Provision of financial support
  • Funding visiting music directors
  • Funding scholarships
  • Purchase of instruments
  • Other material support
  • Support for the liturgical performance of other music of JS Bach and of other composers

It is listed on the “Register of Cultural Organisations” and operates the tax-deductible “St Johns Southgate Bach Foundation Gift Fund”.

CAV Incorporated Association registration number A0056322H
ABN 58 092 685 016

St Johns Southgate Bach Foundation Inc
20 City Rd
Southbank VIC 3006


President: Graham Lieschke
Secretary: Patricia Buchanan
Treasurer: David Goedecke
Committee Member: Gavin Fry
Public Officer: Terence Tan